Are you a slave to social media?

In many cases most people don’t even know how addicted they are or they do know but they think it’s manageable. No matter which scenario you fall under both are unhealthy and need to be managed.

I’m not going to waste you time with filler so lets get right to it. If you exhibit any of these signs then I suggest taking a hard look at your habits and start paying more attention to this blog and the message I’m trying to share.

  • FOMO: Also known as the fear of missing out. Do you always have a need to be in the loop about everything ? There is really no need to be in the loop about anything and everything, that’s what catching up in real life is supposed to be for. Same goes for news channels; you don’t need to know every time someone gets murdered or North Korea launches a missile.
  • No control: Once you start social media then are you able to stop effectively on your own clock? Or do you browse endlessly until the real life takes your attention out?
  • No benefit: Within every platform there is built-in sense of utility & function that inherently attracts you as the benefit. Facebook lets you keep up with friends and Instagram lets you look at amazing photos from all over. If your feed is cluttered with junk from people you hardly know & your Instagram has shitty un-artistic photos of your friends night out then…. does the benefit really outweigh all the downside?
  • Virtual over Real: Do you put off real world work because you are “busy” on social media? Being “busy” includes such activities as leaving comments on issues where you really have no say, debating whether to accept friend/follow requests, etc.
  • Notification Anxiety: Do you check your phone every 5 seconds to see if you got a new notification? You probably know you aren’t going to get a notification but you check anyway because you have…*drum roll*…NOTIFICATION ANXIETY!!! YAYYY
  • Poor Sleep: Of course you have poor sleep , who is it that stays up until midnight browsing twitter? In the dark? YOU. I can’t even begin to state how destructive this particular activity is. If you are doing this then please stop immediately!!!! *future post is coming on the topic*
  • People think you are Rude: Yes really. If you are having conversations with people and your default reaction after a while is to start browsing your phone then make no mistake you just brushed off whoever you were talking to and they will remember that*. *unless they are also a digital slave like you 🙂

Im sure there are many more signs I could touch on but this hits a vast majority of the symptoms that belong to the digitally addicted. I hope to cover each of these in their own seperate posts in more detail and what you can do about them so be sure to look out for that!

If any of these signs really hit close to home then you might have to start accepting that you have some level of addiction to social media/digital content. It’s totally okay because unlike many other addictions that can cause great harm rather quickly, social media does so slowly over time and we can stop it in it’s tracks with a few lifestyle modifications and restore a sense of balance in your life.

We can do this!

Image by:

Jesus Kiteque

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