What makes Social Media so scary?

I bet after reading a bold title like that you are probably thinking this is some sensationalist article but I assure you my points will back it up. What does social media do that makes me so worried?

Kill Time. 

This is the scariest effect built into these platforms. You see most people are still under the fruitless impression that social media is a tool that is supposed to be used at your beck and all, like a knife or a frying pan. Any tool however if improperly used can harm you, a knife can cut you or some hot oil in a frying pan can burn you and of course, social media kills your time.

Can social media be just a tool?

Yes technically but only the most efficient or those who have specific individuals who manage their accounts for them. That’s not how most people operate unfortunately and it’s costing them big time, literally. The odds are good that you are not a hyper efficient individual and have felt the effects of your time sucked away from you thanks to social media. These apps are designed to keep you sucked in for abnormal amounts of time, when was the last time you actually only checked for 4-5 minutes? More like 10-15 for many people.

It may only seem like 5 minutes at a time but it all adds up, the worst part is that it doesn’t even take days to see it. If you are checking your phone like 10 times a day for extended periods of time then you know what I mean. You can lose hours with hardly any effort. This is why it’s a very scary problem because it happens without you even realizing it and it can suck away your life. Let me give you a little perspective, use a website called Countmydays , this will tell you how many days you have left to live. It sounds morbid I know but let it serve as a reminder that time is precious and that every day is a day that ticks off your counter. Imagine losing an hour of that day each day to social media, lets say you are young and have like 24 000 days, 4%(1/24) of 24000 is 1000 DAYS GONE.

You could easily lose 1000 days of your life to something that doesn’t even matter. Thats at least two straight years of browsing facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

That is a f**king tragedy.

That’s why I’m raising awareness to a understated issue in modern society by writing this blog, let this site be your reminder that your bad digital habits are costing you in the long run and it can’t go on any longer.

Follow this blog and join the journey to take back your time!

Photo by:

Jenna Day

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