Is blogging about quitting social media hypocritical?

As I was coming up with blog post ideas for this it eventually hit me that I should answer the immediate one right away. Isn’t a blog about quitting social media hypocritical?

After all, blogging is a form of social media right?

The answer is Yes & No.

I am not blogging for the purposes of building an audience or having people follow me, I am blogging for the purpose of spreading information. This information needs a home and and an easy way to navigate through it.

A blog/website is the best & most effective way to complete that objective, therefore that is what I shall do. It may seem hypocritical but this is a small price to pay to discuss and inform the public about a serious health hazard if left unchecked.

End of story.

I will leave comments activated for the purposes of facilitating good discussion and support for fellow readers and that will be the only form of communication that shall be conducted on my end and anything else must be done by the readers themselves.

I will have pages on social media to give people a place to follow and I will create reminders for you to stop/control yourself and if you see my reminders then I hope it will serve as a trigger for you to stop browsing and get on with other activities. More on that later and those channels will have more information.



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